Jan 12

Metallic Minerals

Metallic minerals are minerals that can be melted to obtain new products. Examples of such materials include iron, copper and tin. These types of mineral are usually associated with igneous rocks. They are both ductile and malleable but will not break easily when hit.

Other examples of metallic minerals include gold and silver. These are sometimes also known as economic minerals and are valued not only as collectible pieces but also for their potential use in industry.

Gold is widely known for it’s use in jewelry, coins and bullion. Many people do not realise that up to 20% of gold produced is used in electronics, dentistry and industrial applications. The properties of gold make it ideal for use in computer hardware and communications equipment. It has a high level of electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Silver is also important in the production of electrical components as it is the highest thermal and electrical conductivity of all metals. The photosensitivity of silver halides meant that it was extensively used in photography and this was formerly it’s primary industrial use.

Metallic minerals need to be mined before the metal can be extracted and this takes place in many states across the US. The varied and wide ranging uses of the metals within the minerals means that this industry continues to be in demand.

Jan 12

The Uses and Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Have you ever heard of colloidal silver? It’s a product that is widely used in the medical field and as an everyday dietary supplement. In 1915, Dr. Rohdenburg talked about the benefits of the metal, but he probably had no idea that it would be used for all sorts of things today. For instance, colloidal silver can be used in topical creams for burns, as an antibacterial protectant on medical supplies, and it is used in wound dressings.
So what exactly is it—and is it safe? Colloidal silver is a metal residue that is mixed in a gel or water. It is also safe–in fact, it’s naturally found in water and in some foods. Many doctors and researchers have used it in studies to see if it could help diseases like as AIDS, cancer, and diabetes. Colloidal silver has been used for a long time as a homeopathic remedy, and can boost your immune system, and heal acne and rashes. While colloid silver is safe, you have to be careful if you buy supplements. I’d recommend that you ask your doctor for a safe dosage.